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The Extra Normal Grande range is the foundation of the Normal timepieces brand. Their understated concept, devotion to the minimal, and intrinsic qualities make up the fundamental character of our aesthetic.

At first glance, the Extra Normal Grande is an elegant, minimal watch. But things are not quite so simple. A subtle effect is taking place as elusive numbers pass in and out of view as time progresses. The hour "hand" is actually a disk making up the watch's face. This disk has a window through which the numbers on the dial underneath are exposed during its hour.


What is Normal

It is a question that can be casually dismissed, or treated with philosophical rigor. The answer can be assumed self-evident, or open to an exhaustive debate. In truth, there are as many responses as there are people. Culture, race, gender, religious belief, age, status, genetics, income, education, and experience all have a say in what we perceive as normal. Where we find consensus, we find community.

In 2006, product designer Ross McBride created Normal as a venue to express his own aesthetic, and thoughts on design. Raised in the United States, and living his entire adult life in Japan, Ross has been greatly influenced by pioneering mid-century American design, as well as the Japanese sense of minimalism, and craftsmanship. Ross believes that the products we choose for ourselves, particularly the ones we carry with us throughout the day, are extensions of us. They should act to reenforce our persona, not distract from it.

Therefore, as policy, our identity never appears on the watch, or clock face, so that our brand never competes with your brand. Our products are created for those who appreciate such subtlety, and have a quiet confidence in their own design sensibilities.

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