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These are the glasses with high-definition lenses that fit over one’s prescription eyewear to enhance vision in bright and low light, preserve color, and reduce glare. By age 65, eyes lose about 50% of their reserves of melanin, the pigment that gives eyes their color, protects them from UV damage, and reduces glare naturally. The polycarbonate lenses in these glasses are infused with melanin to offset this loss, which helps decrease eye fatigue and enhance both contrast and clarity by filtering out 100% of damaging UVA/UVB ultraviolet. The lenses also reduce eyestrain and block reflected glare from oncoming headlights and traffic lights for safer nighttime driving. The lightweight frames are constructed from TR90, an ultra-lightweight polymer that retains its shape and provides superior durability, and have integrated side lenses for unobstructed peripheral vision. Includes neck strap and drawstring bag. Unisex. Black.

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